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Welcome to the story of Smart Dig - A Journey of Innovation and Growth.


In the realm of innovation, it's often the meeting of a challenge with a solution that sparks greatness. This was exactly the case when Hugh and his team of seasoned engineers at ITSS Engineering in Warkworth, crossed paths with Rob and team, the founder of Southeys Group. 

ITSS Engineering provides a one-stop solution for design, machining, welding, and fabrication. Southey’s Group, on the other hand, had carved a niche in the hydro excavation and liquid waste management sector.


Launched in July 2013, Smart Dig represents the creation of this partnership, marking the beginning of a new era in hydro excavation. As pioneers in the field, the demand for our services surged with the national rollout of ultrafast broadband, highlighting the efficiency and precision of our technology.

Initially, our machines were crafted on a bespoke basis by ITSS Engineering, a process that, while effective, proved to be labor-intensive. Embracing innovation, we transitioned to utilizing CAD drawings for design, streamlining the manufacturing process without compromising on quality. Except for proprietary parts, components are produced in-house at ITSS Engineering, ensuring every machine meets our high standards.


At the heart of Smart Dig's success is a dedicated team of professionals, managed by Mark, overseeing the construction of Smart Dig machines from start to finish. This diverse team spans a range of expertise, including fabricators/welders, precision machinists, painters, assembly experts, and administrative staff, all committed to delivering excellence.


Our journey is one of mutual growth and collaboration. The fusion of engineering prowess and contracting experience has set us apart, enabling us to innovate in ways previously unimaginable. At Smart Dig, we're not just building machines; we're crafting solutions that redefine industry standards.


As we continue to expand and evolve, the essence of our success remains rooted in the powerful synergy between ITSS Engineering, Smart Dig, and their clients. Together, we're not just embracing the future; we're creating it.

Discover the Smart Dig difference and join us on our journey of innovation, growth, and exceptional service.

At Smart Dig, we're pioneering the next wave of hydro-excavation and vacuum truck technologies. Our mission is to empower businesses and organisations to build the cities of tomorrow more efficiently and intelligently.

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New Zealand


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Our Mission

Creating intelligent, efficient, reliable production plus bespoke machines with operator-friendly design, elevating your company's productivity

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