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At Smart Dig our mission is to produce production and bespoke machines with intelligence, efficiency, and reliability in mind. Creating operator-friendly machines to amplify your company's productivity.


Disruption in construction projects is a major issue, leading to significant frustration for councils, governments, and companies. The need for innovative solutions in the hydro-excavation and vacuum truck industry has never been more urgent, with a demand for tools that boost operational uptime and enhance job site productivity.

Our equipment represents over 5 decades of combined experience and dedication to hydro-excavation and vacuum truck operation and mechanical engineering. We're committed to innovation at every turn. By developing advanced features like our industry-leading drop-box for optimal airflow and a lightweight hybrid waste water tank to minimize trips and reduce operational costs, we're setting new standards. Our machines are designed to outperform, offering unmatched speed, safety, and reliability, ensuring longer operation times without compromising on quality.

With Smart Dig, you're not just choosing equipment; you're choosing a partner dedicated to redefining the industry standard and enhancing your project's success.

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24 Morrison Drive
New Zealand


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Our Mission

Creating intelligent, efficient, reliable production plus bespoke machines with operator-friendly design, elevating your company's productivity

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